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Goddard College Storyphone

Goddard College Storyphone 802.230-4702

You are invited to call the Goddard Storyphone and share your story about your time at Goddard. With over 10,000 alumni living and working around the world—each with a unique story to tell—we want to hear from you!

Inspired by Goddard alumnus Jonathan Katz (BA RUP ‘71), the Storyphone is part of Goddard’s 150th Anniversary Celebration of honoring our past and connecting with the Goddard community. Some of the stories we receive will be edited and featured on the Goddard College website; all of the stories will be preserved in the Goddard College Archives.

To reach the Goddard Storyphone, dial 1-802-230-4702.


(Note: this phone line goes to a voice mail only, you will not reach a live person, so be sure to have your story ready to record at the beep!)