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Individualized Bachelor of Arts

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The BA in Individualized Studies (IBA) Program is a 120-credit, low-residency liberal arts degree. You may bring up to 75 approved credits through a combination of transfer credits and/or credits earned through Assessment of Prior Learning.

First semester students are pre-assigned an advisor; after that, you participate in choosing your faculty advisor each semester. At residency, you meet with your advisors and peers and attend mini courses and workshops on subjects such as critical writing, critical thinking, library and research skills, oral history techniques, interviewing, and so on. There are also informational workshops on preparing a progress review or the Assessment of Prior Learning process. In addition, the program offers an array of participatory events, including faculty workshops, presentations and workshops by graduating students, a student art show, a student/faculty reading, and a cabaret.


Inspired by Goddard’s progressive traditions, the IBA program emphasizes personal and social transformation born of thoughtful action, positive self-development, and wide knowledge. We encourage students to pursue areas of interest that shape and enrich life, and contribute to the global community and the Earth. Because we believe that you know best what you need to learn, faculty will work collaboratively with you to identify the areas of study that you will explore throughout studies. And, since knowledge of the world and personal awareness go hand in hand, we help students at all levels to undertake a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in your studies.


Students in the IBA Program will have successfully accomplished the following:

  • Completed 120 semester hour credits of undergraduate study.
  • Demonstrated learning in the areas of Wide Knowledge (including Art and Creative Expression, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences), Thoughtful Action, Positive Self Development and a Social and Ecological Context.
  • Demonstrated skills in critical thinking, learning and communication.
  • Completed a Senior Study, a sustained body of work that integrates your explorations and demonstrates your deep engagement with a subject area.


Locations Offered: 
Plainfield, VT