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Degree Criteria

Slider: BA in Health Arts and Sciences

Degree Criteria

Students graduating with a HAS BA will have successfully accomplished the following five program degree criteria:

  • Health Philosophy by clearly articulated your own health philosophy in relationship to multiple cultural views and critically evaluated your own values, biases, ethics, and orientation to health.

  • Community Health Practices/Modalities by exploring at least one health-promoting modality and its application to the well-being of particular location or population.

  • Life Sciences by identifying and examining fields and science- based studies fundamental to your inquiry and being able to transmit your science-based knowledge to others.

  • Broader Context of Health by demonstrating an understanding of, and capacity to, evaluate the social and ecological context of your study by looking through such lenses as social ideologies, structures and norms; contemporary and historical, political influences, systems and economies; theories or and changes, and ecological settings or conditions, etc.

  • Self-Care, Resilience and Renewal by recognizing the nested locations of well-being (from the pint of the self and beyond) and engaging in reflective and active participation in your own wellness processes. 


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