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Walter Butts, MFA's picture

Contemplation, Clarity, and the Poem


Complex thoughts distilled through plain diction, interactions with the natural world, and specificity of details can heighten imagery and evoke larger implications.  This endeavor to make human connection through introspection, reflection and acute awareness of one’s environment is a prevalent style employed by many ancient Chinese poets.  Within this seemingly simplistic approach, these masters arrived at discoveries, revelatory for themselves and the reader. 

Ryan Boudinot, MFA's picture


With November recently behind us, writers across America are slumped over their keyboards, having endured another NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, in which the name of the game is cranking out as many pages of one’s novel as possible in thirty days. Years ago when I first heard about this month of extreme page production I thought it was a fine idea. Anything that urges writers to commit themselves to their novels is a good thing, right?

Michele Clark, MEd, MA's picture

The Mediocre Meditator #3: My Three Best Books on Meditation

Below are brief descriptions of my current three favorite books on meditation. Each one is written by psychologists who have been practicing psychotherapists and meditators for more than 25 years. I use them for reference, inspiration and companionship. I reread them and refer them to clients, friends, students and colleagues.


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