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Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Residency Blog Installment from student Svea Boyda-Vikander

It's 9:48 pm and I'm at the Goddard College Psychology & Counseling program residency in Plainfield, Vermont. My sister and I are staying in the family dorm so my bulldozer of a baby boy can sleep right beside me and she can look after him during the days. He's 18 months old and passed out with just a few lullabies at 9pm. Whenever I get too excited with my typing he sighs and stirs. So I'll keep this quick.
Karla Haas Moskowitz, PhD, MA, MA, MFA's picture

It Is Time for Radical Learning

It is true that teaching is a radical act; however, in some ways more so is the act of learning.  Our systems of public schooling and higher education would benefit from authentic transformation not only for the purpose of increased student achievement, but also to reconnect learners to what it means to be fully human. As with all radical transformations, history has shown us that an activist stance is necessary to inspire and support this process. Perhaps we are seeing some of this in Chicago this week.

The Inside Scoop About the Spring 2013 Seattle Residency

Tue, 2012-09-04 23:30 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The BA and MA in Education-Seattle program's spring 2013 semester begins with the Seattle Residency from February 2-9, 2013.

The theme of the residency this spring is “The Power of Indigenous Documentaries in Conscientization, Education, and Building Cross-Cultural Collaboration.”

Come to Goddard College to work on your Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in Education degree with a focus on Dual Language Early Childhood Education, Intercultural Studies in Education, Community Education, Cultural Arts in Education, or a Study of Your Own Design.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

"Shadow Artists"

Recently, I have wondered why I have found so many “closeted” artists among the MA in Psychology and Counseling students at Goddard. Perhaps artists who are students of psychology are intuitively drawn to a field that acknowledges and embraces the power of symbols and metaphor, creative expression, and the unique gifts and talents of each individual.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Art and Psychology in Goddard's P&C Program

I begin this blog to create a space for the discussion of the ways we have been integrating art, symbols, and creative expression into our curriculum of psychological theory and counselor training here at Goddard. About three years ago, I began to explore the ways that we could incorporate artistic practices and reflections on these experiences into the content of our coursework as well as the final products produced as the culmination of the consideration of particular subject related to the field of psychology and counseling.


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