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Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's blog

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Better Than A Chocolate Store

Last week while in New Orleans for our monthly Jungian training seminar, I found myself with a free day, but in a torrential rain storm. No chance of wandering and making photographs in the French Quarter this visit.

I remembered passing by what looked like an art supply store in the Fat City neighborhood near my hotel on my visit last month. (I am perpetually lost in New Orleans, and hoped I would be able to find my way back.) I did find it, with the help of a young woman who was a native New Oreleanian.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Creative Final Products in the Psychology and Counseling Program


The last work of the Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Goddard College is the “Final Product.”

This work represents a culmination and integration of coursework, and may take the form of a thesis or a Capstone Product. Each student makes his or her own decision about which of the two final product options will be undertaken.

Recently, students have begun to integrate creative and expressive work into these final products. Thesis students have created artwork that “stands alone” or is juxtaposed or integrated into theoretical writing.

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Residency Blog Entry from Student Cricket Greer


In my undergraduate work at Goddard, we had a rich movement community.  At each residency, we did Authentic Movement work with a professor who uses it in her private practice.  I have loved the group work that I have done with Authentic Movement (AM) and have engaged in several groups over the years.  I am presently not involved in expressive arts beyond my music job, so I wanted to revisit this work and bring this rich modality into the community here in the context of a workshop.  

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Residency Blog Installment from student Svea Boyda-Vikander

It's 9:48 pm and I'm at the Goddard College Psychology & Counseling program residency in Plainfield, Vermont. My sister and I are staying in the family dorm so my bulldozer of a baby boy can sleep right beside me and she can look after him during the days. He's 18 months old and passed out with just a few lullabies at 9pm. Whenever I get too excited with my typing he sighs and stirs. So I'll keep this quick.
Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Art and Psychology in Goddard's P&C Program

I begin this blog to create a space for the discussion of the ways we have been integrating art, symbols, and creative expression into our curriculum of psychological theory and counselor training here at Goddard. About three years ago, I began to explore the ways that we could incorporate artistic practices and reflections on these experiences into the content of our coursework as well as the final products produced as the culmination of the consideration of particular subject related to the field of psychology and counseling.


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