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A Beginning Farmer Shares Her Journey

Catherine Lowther, PhD, MA's picture
BA in Sustainability Blog
A Beginning Farmer Shares Her Journey

Kelly Allen (BAS ‘14) is developing a small farm in Maine where she is growing and marketing vegetables to individuals and restaurants. Her self-designed studies this semester included garden preparation, permaculture design principles, soil science, composting, cold climate farming practices, growing fruits, grains, and beans, GMOs, seed saving, how to market vegetables, and an evaluation of an agrarian lifestyle as a pathway to a more peaceful society.

She finds that learning how to grow food enables her to be self-sufficient and to make a living doing meaningful work that brings about positive change in her community. She is also preserving traditional knowledge and offering her garden as an educational model for friends and customers.

There are more stories, photos, and videos of her farming adventures on her website:


Submitted by Anick Olmsted (not verified) on
That is very cool! I can't wait to check out the blog.

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