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The Soil-Health-Sustainability Continuum

Catherine Lowther, PhD, MA's picture
BA in Sustainability Blog
The Soil-Health-Sustainability Continuum

Mike Puckett (BAS ’15) is exploring the relationship between soil health, food health, human health, and living sustainably.

Mike Puckett photo

To create thriving soil, he has been researching soil nutrients, composting practices, and the role of mycelium in soil remediation. He is building a raised bed garden that demonstrates how to grow health-supporting food using sustainable practices, giving classes on growing wheat grass and sprouts, and marketing juice drinks and vegetables at a farmers’ market near his home in Hawaii.

Mike is also a certified health coach and offers insights into the diet and lifestyle factors that support optimal well being. As he and his family transition to becoming farmers, he finds that growing food, sharing what he is learning, and offering health coaching give him a deep sense of fulfillment.

Read more about Mike, his stories and papers, on his website:


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