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Student Reflection on Psychology and Counseling Art Opening #3

Thu, 2013-04-11 17:32 -- Anonymous (not verified)
MA Psychology-Counseling Blog
Student Reflection on Psychology and Counseling Art Opening #3


From Greta Enriquez (MA PSY)

I was very nervous sharing my artwork. For me art is so personal and the interpretative aspects of viewing art compounded my anxiety. That was before I was called on to introduce my product. Stepping up in front of my classmates was immediately calming- the support and acceptance was palpable.

I shared a small part of the process and meaning of my work, which was a reflection of my learning processes. Having the opportunity to share something as intimate and subjective as art with a community where empathy and acceptance are core virtues for students, staff and mentors, was a beautiful experience, and I am sad that I waited until my last residency to share. But I am filled with a confidence to seek out more opportunities to share this.

Painting by Greta Enriquez

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