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Student Reflections on Drama Therapy & Embodied Play

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture
MA Psychology-Counseling Blog
Student Reflections on Drama Therapy & Embodied Play


Group Drama Therapy Session led by new MA in Psychology & Counseling student Sarvenaz Moshfegh Asiedu on April 1, 2014...


"Coming from an expressive therapy program into a counseling psychology program, I am reminded how much I need to connect with people through embodied play.  When we engage the body, we engage a more flexible mind.

"All human beings have healing power within them.  Children process experience through play.  Social expectations and trauma can make us stop playing.  Play can be funny and tragic.  Play is externalizing and processing what you are thinking and what is beyond thinking.  That is the magic of it. Through the backdoor of play, we come in contact with parts of ourselves that we may have never met. I feel complete in those moments of play with others."

-Sarvenaz Moshfegh Asiedu (all photos submitted by Sarvenaz).


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