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MFAIA Alumnus Creates Financial Resource Guide for Artists

Peter Hocking, MFA's picture
MFA Interdisciplinary Arts Blog
MFAIA Alumnus Creates Financial Resource Guide for Artists

Congratualtions to E. Larson Gunness (MFAIA '10) on his recently published, highly-accessible financial planning resource for artists and creative practitioners, Peace, Love, and Financial Planning: Financial Literacy for Right Brained People. The book grew out of Larson’s MFAIA practicum work, and his personal journey of connecting his life as a creative practitioner with his professional work as a financial planner.  

The Peace, Love, and Financial Planning project brings together the two halves of Larson’s brain by blending his creative practice and professional experiences. In his business career, he has 14 years of experience in the financial sector (with Smith Barney, Fidelity Investments, and for the past 6 years at his own firm). Larson has taught this topic for several years now. "Artists listen to me," he says, "because I am one of them."

In addition to the book, Larson’s interactive website has practical tools for artists and creative practitioners seeking to better understand and plan their financial affairs.


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