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Interview with Lynn Larned

Interview with Graduate Lynn Larned

Lynn: I had always wanted to earn my master's degree but was not interested in a traditional program. Goddard's low residency MA in Individualized Studies Program allowed me to concentrate on what I was most interested in. My advisors were excellent guides in helping me to plan a course of study that would be rigorous, interesting, insightful and meaningful to me. It was also wonderful to meet others who were interested in and passionate about Consciousness Studies.

I spent my first semester immersed in women's studies, learning about the early religions of the world and the influence of patriarchy on my own life. It was in some ways the most life-changing learning I have ever experienced. During my second and third semesters I studied consciousness and dreams, with a focus on Jungian theory, the interpretation of fairy tales, and comparative religion. I drew on von Franz, Hall, Woodman and Dickson, along with Jung. Writing my thesis in my forth semester felt like a great gift to me as it allowed me to go much more deeply into many of the dreams I have recorded over the years. I am continually amazed at the guidance that comes through in people's dreams and the intuitive abilities of group members to help one another.

One of the greatest things I learned at Goddard was the importance of taking our passions, gifts and talents out into the world to benefit others and the planet. I recently dreamt that I was teaching my students to deep breathe and design mandalas. I told the "supervisor" who was observing me in the dream that these were therapeutic for the kids. This dream reflects the kinds of changes I am trying to make as a nurse and teacher.

Finally, as a result of my Goddard studies I am a stronger woman. I am much more apt to stand up for my beliefs than I have ever been.

From Lynn's thesis, You Are the Author of Your Own Web:

A recurrent theme in my dreams is that of looking out windows and seeing large waves. At times they are the "biggest waves I have ever seen." In one dream, before I go to visit my Aunt Grace, I deliberately drive by the water first and see that the waves are coming up over the street. Whenever I dream of my Aunt Grace's house I think that I am being given a message about grace. Water is symbolic of emotions and is a common symbol in dreams. These large waves can be viewed as a message that I am personally about to be overtaken by an emotion of some sort. I have come to view this common theme of large waves as representing the collective earth changes that are occurring at this time. The message of these dreams might simply be a reminder on that day to remain conscious, that the earth may need prayer on that day.

These dreams have unlocked some of the mysteries of life for me and they have guided me in further understanding the significant role that humans will play in the re-creation of our world in the future. For brief moments I have wondered if the energy that I have devoted to dreamwork is worth the effort. Yet, when I consider what I have learned about my connection to the feminine, the earth, and how my life has taken on a profound new meaning, my doubt is fleeting. I will proceed on this inner odyssey while continuing also to have faith in humankind's ability to affect the future. It is an exciting time to be alive.