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Peninsula College

Direct transfer options for Peninsula College graduates

Goddard is a leader in transformative education that joins individual learning with action in the world. We cultivate knowledge, skills, and strategies that respond effectively to the changing needs of communities and circumstances.

Graduates of the Peninsula College designed-to-transfer Associate in Arts degree (DTA) are guaranteed admission into a Bachelor of Arts degree program at Goddard College and receive a $1,000 scholarship when they enroll. In our unique low-residency bachelor's programs, you connect with students, faculty and staff during an eight-day residency twice a year. During the semester, you study at home in a community that will shape your learning while working one-on-one with a faculty member who will mentor you through a study plan that you design.

To learn more about our low-residency programs, contact an admissions counselor at 800.906.8312 or

How the partnership works


Goddard College undergraduate programs allows you to study what you are passionate about in a format that includes an eight-day residency at our Plainfield campus twice a year.

If you completed the Peninsula College designed-to-transfer Associate in Arts (DTA), you are guaranteed admission into the following Goddard College Bachelor of Arts programs: Individualized Studies, Health Arts & Sciences, and Sustainability.

You may also transfer work and credit from other colleges. A total of 75 semester-hour credits can transfer to Goddard, which means you may be able to graduate in just three semesters.

Peninsula graduates are also invited to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing programs.


Different Than Online Education

Goddard's model honors you, the student, as an individual, with specific interests, goals and needs, unlike disembodied online programs or faceless, increasingly larger university lecture halls.

Goddard invented the low-residency model in 1963, which has since been adopted by many other colleges and universities nationwide.  Low-residency education offers the best of what distance education, online programs, and traditional campus-learning offer.

Low-residency means that at the beginning of each semester you come to either Goddard's Plainfield, VT or Port Townsend, WA campus for eight days of intensive study. Residencies are a time to explore, network, learn, share, and celebrate with peers, staff, and faculty. While you work with advisors to forge individualized study plans for the semester, you also have the opportunity to attend workshops, advising groups, keynote addresses, large celebrations and a host of other rich and interesting events where you also learn from other adult students.

For 150 years, Goddard College has been committed to providing accessible and affordable education.  Give one of our admissions counselors a call today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.

  • FLEXIBILITY -  Goddard offers a flexible degree program that allows you to pursue a degree without uprooting or disrupting your life.
  • COMMUNITY - Spend 8 days of intensive study per semester in a community of your peers and award-winning faculty.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING:  At Goddard, you can earn a bachelor's degree that intimately connects the life you're living with what you're learning, with study that is directly relevant to the degree you want.