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Recent Presentations by Graduating Students

Slider: BA in Individualized Studies

Recent Presentations by Graduating Students

Below are examples of some of the recent presentations given by graduating students in the MA in Individualized Studies Program during their commencement residencies. The graduates are as diverse and incisive as their areas of study.

Minna Dubin (Grad '08)

Presentation Title: Dear Identity, You're Makin' Me Crazy!

A fun, interactive writing and discussion session about our power identities & race, class, gender, body (shape, size, dis/ability), nationality, religion, sexuality, age; and the ways they affects our lives, for better or worse. Through movement, autobiographical writing, and sharing, we will tease out the moments when our identity empowers us and the moments it makes us crazy. I will read from my creative project, “The Identity Route: A Pathway to Myself,” and give a brief overview of how I use Identity Transformative Language Arts for my own personal growth and empowerment and as an educational facilitation practice with teens.

Dave Noonan (Grad '08)

Presentation Title: The Drums of Reggae: A Journey Into the Evolution of Jamaican Popular Rhythm - 1958-1981

The opening to this demonstration/discussion will be my premier (and probably only) performance of Frank Zappa’s The Black Page, a written work of complexity that required over a year to learn adequately. My presentation will showcase the various approaches taken by the great Jamaican drummers as reggae evolved, and my take on playing the rhythms.

Gary Meitrott (Grad '08)

Presentation Title: Soul Bath Trance Dance: A Presentation of My Process in Creating Ecstatic Experience

From my early life three seemingly unrelated threads – theatre, percussion, and spiritual ceremony– were to intertwine into an academic creative project for my Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. From my field notes, research studies, and snippets from a video documentary in the making of SBTD I am excited to share with you what I have learned. A word of caution, this may be contagious.

Taína Del Valle (Grad '08)

Presentation Title: Reclaiming Raices: Transformations of the Puerto Rican Nation through the use of the Word

Incantation, experimentation, revelation. For many people of the Puerto Rican nation the gift of the Word, part of our ancient heritage, is a tool we must pull out from the rubble of our colonized realities. I believe in the power of the Word to transform ourselves and to manifest change. We will look at the inspiration and tools I have found to facilitate the power of the Word, in this interactive writing and voicing workshop/ceremony.

Paula Anderson (Grad '08)

Presentation Title: Sometimes Girls Love Girls and Other Information Essential to My Well-Being That Society Neglected to Mention

Using memoir writing as an opening to exploration, my study revolved around society's silencing of women, how it happens and why, and how my own life was damaged when society succeeded in (temporarily) subduing my natural inclination to love whom I choose and to freely express my creativity. My presentation will be the reading of a one-act play that illustrates the struggle to overcome societal conditioning in the lives of two young girls as they grow into adults.

Julie Johnson (Grad '07)

Presentation Title: P.A.U.S.E.: Using Metaphor, Art Therapy & Multi-Sensory Techniques to Get Behind the Mask of Domestic Violence Offenders

Nothing Is As It Appears! I'm a metaphorologist. Metaphor, art therapy and other multi-sensory techniques are the tools of my trade when working with court-mandated individuals often labeled "highly resistant"-- domestic violence offenders, anger management or sexual assault perpetrators. Please join me in this experiential presentation that offers participants an opportunity to become familiar with the tools used to defuse resistance, stimulate conversation and create positive behavior changes. Participants will also create their own P.A.U.S.E. Program Toolbox - visual and tactile reminders that just may improve your focus as a student as well as relieve the stress associated with the Goddard mantra: "Trust the Process."

Krystina Graves (Grad '07)

Presentation Title: An Exploration of Sadhana: My Yogic Journey

In 1995 I visited an ashram for the first time. There I had a profound spiritual awakening while in the company of a guru. My experience unexpectedly launched me on a journey of self-exploration through the practice and study of yoga. Prior to this time I knew very little about yoga but since then I have committed myself to my spiritual development and to a yogic path. In this presentation I will discuss the evolution of my yogic journey and the spiritual understanding that is gradually emerging in me through the discipline of yoga.

Charles Paquin (Grad '05)

Presentation Title: The Role of Pottery in the World of Northeastern Prehistoric Native Americans

The results of experimental work replicating prehistoric Native American pottery will be discussed. This information will be presented to help elucidate the relationship between hunter/gatherer society, subsistence, ideology, and technology. Such information has implications for understanding the role of technology in our own lives.