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Anne Rutherford

My studies focused on art, theories of change and neuroscience, with additional work in public health education. I began with an interest in bringing alternative health to marginalized populations, and realized that many felt no control, no change to change their lives. During my Goddard work, I became unemployed without notice after 14.5 years with a firm. I used the methods I was studying to help me through this period. My faculty advisors were wonderful and supported this work with positive suggestions, resources and feedback that I needed to accomplish my goals. I had an on-going discussion about Des Cartes’ role in the divorce between body, mind and spirit. I took a different view than is prevalent in the alternative community, and even though my advisor disagreed with my ideas, he supported the discussion we had about it over the better part of a semester. My experience in other schools would have been very different. Goddard creates community very quickly over a residency and does a good job of maintaining it while you work at home. The college is always working to find ways to keep that sense of community. The residencies are amazing – idea factories! Goddard is an amazing place that challenges you to dream and do, where you will work harder and explore more than any other college I’ve ever attended. Imagine being able to explore different disciplines, and bringing them together in a way that is unique to you. It absolutely changes your life and you leave the person you were always meant to be.