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George Chappell

I entered Goddard after a 30-year career in journalism because I wanted to learn to write poetry. I had looked at other low-residence programs, but Goddard clicked because of the response of its admissions office and a visit on a Discover Goddard Day, where I walked around the campus in the snow. From the moment I wrote my admissions essay until the day of my graduation more than two years later, I never wavered from my goal. I always felt I had to make up for lost time. My advisers encouraged me and gave me good instruction while I was on campus and in their comments about my homework.

When it was over, I had written enough poems for a book, which I got published with the help of a small publisher in Maine. Two years later, I'm still selling copies of my book, have given readings, and taught writing classes of my own. The commercial success is only part of it, though. It's having the confidence of knowing that I'm a poet and that I can do this.