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People @ Goddard

Sharon Wallace

Residency Sites: Plainfield, VT

Playwriting was my concentration at Goddard. I focused on plot, character development, dialogue, scene movement, and development of the dramatic arch.

The mentoring relationships between me and my faculty advisors were phenomenal. They were supportive and accessible through assignment packets, email and telephone. They encouraged my growth as a writer, introduced me to writing techniques that expanded my knowledge and enhanced my ability as a playwright and academic writer.

What I’ve gained from the residencies is a family/community of writers who share and encourage each other. The workshops at the residencies offer a wealth of exposure to learn the craft of writing in the various concentrations. At the residency students have the opportunity to read their work at student readings, and listen to faculty, as well as visiting writers, read their work. Other benefits are the workshops given by visiting writers. These are wonderful to attend and learn from professionals who are open to sharing their experiences.

My overall experience with Goddard is rewarding, because of the growth I’ve made as a writer and person. I have made lasting friendships during the residencies. The experience at Goddard is one of transformations. I entered Goddard with some confidence in my skills as a writer, and graduated with absolute confidence in my ability to be a professional writer.