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Cynthia Ross

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Cynthia Ross, MA


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Residency Sites: Plainfield, VT , Residency Sites: Port Townsend, WA


For me, art (whether it be the making of objects as in visual art, the shaping of feeling. experience, event into stories or poems, the participation in a musical event and the energy that is created through the structure of sound, the creation of a performance or group celebration) is a way of interacting with the collective and individual energies and thought patterns in a way that brings them into a perceptible form that can be shared with others. It is a way of thinking, of giving form.

My grounding in the arts is primarily through a twenty-five year practice of painting, and now sculpture within the last four years, with experience in theatre, puppet theatre, singing, and creative writing. At this time, I am interested in work that can further awareness of the interconnections of nature and humanity, and reinforce a sense of hope and responsibility for our thought/action in the world. In art, we can see the results of our thought and action in the forms we create. Taking those just a step further, we begin to see the forms of the society and culture within which we live as something in which we not only participate, but also upon which we each individually have an effect.

I have worked with students in a wide array of projects and inquiries, from work in the "traditional" artistic modes (painting, sculpture, dance, performance, installation, film, writing) and various combinations of these, to those which seek to extend the "palette" beyond traditional art materials and elements into new arenas. I enjoy the challenge of finding new "forms" that emerge out of the establishment of a new set of coordinates and of finding ways in which links can be established. In the past few years, my attention has been drawn to environmental health issues and modes of healing. My interests and background also include mythology, medieval studies, gardening, poetry, and Indian cooking.

Educational Background:

MA in Aesthetic Philosophy and Painting, Goddard College; BA in Medieval Studies, Indiana University.

People @ Goddard

People @ Goddard