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Real name

Tracy O. Garrett, PhD, MA, MA


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Program Director
Residency Sites: Plainfield, VT


Interim Program Coordinator.

I hold a dual doctorate in Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Currently, I am working at a human services firm in Washington, D.C. as Director of Quality Improvement and Behavioral Health Care. The major focus of my work is on program development, evaluation, and performance.

In addition, I oversee the implementation of quality improvement practices at all levels of the organization and develop improvements to processes and systems through the application of systematic techniques. As Director of Behavioral Healthcare, I supervise, motivate and guide the professional development of independent contractors providing clinical services and I have a small private practice. I have over twenty years of experience in the field of mental health and have worked in a variety of clinical, school and community settings.

I have been an independent consultant in the Washington Metropolitan Area for the last 10 years where I have provided training to schools, government agencies, non-profits, for profits, churches and professional organizations. My specialties are in the areas of community, team and organizational development.

I am on several non-profit Board of Directors and part of the Quality Council for a large Managed Care Organization and the Department of Mental Health in Washington, D.C. I am a member of Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network, and the American Psychological Association. My interests are in helping family and organizational systems develop strategies and interventions they can use to empower themselves and become more balanced and effective in their interactions.

My hobbies include tennis, traveling, bowling, singing and exercising.

Educational Background:

PhD in Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology; MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology; MA in Social Psychology, Towson State University; BA in Psychology, Shepherd University.

People @ Goddard

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