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Meet our Students

Slider: BA in Health Arts and Sciences

Meet our Students

Nancy  S.

Senior Study Title: Endings, Beginnings and the Life In-between: Poetry as a Trajectory for Creating and Sustaining a Meaningful Life

"Enrolling in the Health Arts & Sciences program at the 'mature' age of 53 was the best action I have ever taken for myself. I entered the program and immediately found myself at home in an amazingly welcoming, rigorous, and expansive eighteen months of intellectual and personal growth.

After 30+ years away from school, I began that first semester with large questions about the transformational healing powers of poetry, and graduated with even larger questions about the nature of well-being, the interconnection of all things, and the power of linguistic and neurobiological awareness. As with many events that occur at Goddard, I found my right livelihood of Life Coaching over conversations at the breakfast table.

In three short semesters, filled with passionate knowledge nurtured by caring, skilled advisors and supportive peers, I was transformed, as was my trajectory. Now, with much gratitude and appreciation, I am able to help others do the same. Health Arts and Sciences and Goddard College inform my life every day. It is a blessing to be a part of this community."


Senior Study Title:  In Search of Self: Healing the Wounded Healer Through Art and Nature

"My studies began as a vehicle to prepare for the Holistic Nurse Certification Exam.  It was in the first few days on campus that my scope was to change and become my senior project and subject of 'Healing the Wounded Healer through Art and Nature'. 

Little did I know this would prepare me for the healing I would be working through with the loss of both parents and being appointed executor of the estate.  My ‘work’ now involves keeping a balance between career and heart matters.

Goddard taught me to stay focused, to break things down into sections that are do-able.  I have learned to ask questions, to research and document and keep digging for answers.

Through my studies at Goddard and the fellowship of instructors, friends and support people I learned that I have courage and a strength I never knew I had.  It is helping me cope and learn from this challenging life experience and I hope to be a support to others."


Senior Study Title: Exploring the Oscillatory: Rhythmic psycho-physiological shaping through mantra, cymatic tonoscopery and visions of the Yantric Body as Community

"My experience in Health Arts and Sciences was a process of coming out as a creative intellectual, mystic, and trickster. As an almost forty year-old person who did not graduate from high school, this experience of earning a BA has been valuable for my self-esteem, my self-discipline, and for helping me to define my role in the world more clearly. 

There was a time when the thought of having to sit down and write something coherent was so daunting that it was almost traumatic. I have learned how to express myself in the written word, not just adequately, but with heart and beauty.  There is a magic that happened here, a transformation that was more of a metamorphosis." 


Senior Study Title: Reclaiming the Sacred Heart of Medicine: Spiritual Integration in Western Biomedicine

"The Health Arts and Sciences experience was like an enzyme that allowed a number of critical processes to move to completion. It feels as though all the required elements were in place, but working and studying at Goddard added the element that allowed them to coalesce into a unified whole, giving me confidence and authority to hold space for transformation at a large scale.

I’ll be putting theory into practice through speaking engagements, facilitating workshops, giving interpersonal support, doing private and corporate consultation, writing articles, and possibly a book.

At the end of 3 semesters at Goddard I find myself to have much more authority than I had ever anticipated in my area of study and in my work as an RN Case Manager. I am deeply regretful to be ending my undergraduate studies at Goddard, and am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to find my academic-self at this school.

I would very much like to continue graduate work in the same academically-rich and supportive environment.  I am forever changed by this experience, and perhaps as a result, others will be changed as well."

(Advisor’s Comments: Barbara used her studies to create awareness of the need for and methods of integrating spirituality into current practice of western biomedicine among members of the lay community and the medical community in her region and beyond…it is likely that she will offer consultation services that include teaching health care systems to integrate spirituality into the current medical model, developing spiritually integrated heart failure programs for hospitals and health care systems,  teaching what she calls, "the graceful addition of spiritually-based health care" and authoring publishable articles and perhaps a book based on her studies.)


Senior Study Title: Reclaiming Reproduction, Family, and Health; Implications of Modern American Birth, Family and Health Culture

"Not only have major life changes occurred, but I had matured in ways I never realized I would.   I learned how valuable it is to engage with perspectives from all backgrounds - especially those which are not one’s own.

The completion of my undergraduate degree from Goddard College represents a profound experience of learning and growth. 

I began my career at Goddard with very specific and firm ideas in my mind, and have spent three semesters expanding my mind and heart into vast new areas of learning.  I believe I am now a better contributor to this world and her inhabitants by understanding more about the many diverse facets of humanity and the earth. 

I have accomplished an education that has set a strong foundation for learning for the rest of my life.  Whether I go on into graduate studies or continue in less traditional forms of learning, I will never stop learning, and my undergraduate work has created this fire in me to never stop."

Siobhan K.

Senior Study Title: Reclaiming Adolescent Identity: Defining Adolescence and Peer Culture through an historical and developmental perspective

"My undergraduate studies have been comprised of researching adolescence, the history of and culture of youth, identity and transformation, peer influence, family dynamics, self-esteem and self-concept, child development, social psychology, grief and trauma, and cultural perspectives of youth.

The process over the last two years has been a very insightful and engaging process that has been not only an educational triumph in many ways (such as increasing critical thinking and writing skills, self-reflection and challenging my mind), but it has also given validity, insight, perspective, and a wrapping up of sorts to the last eight years I have spent working with youth in various capacities in the mental health field.

I have learned how to better engage my mind, how to give clarity and voice to my own thoughts and opinions and voice them in a way that is hopefully engaging to my readers.

My future plans include finishing my training in the Alternatives to Violence Project so that I might develop a program for youth in VT.  It is my intention to bring programs to after school centers, community centers and perhaps the juvenile detention centers to help teach youth how relate with one another, to teach non-violent forms of communication and expression, to teach them how to work as a team and community." 


Senior Study Title: Cultural Competence: Fostering Individual and Community Engagement

"My studies at Goddard focused on what it means to be a human being in community, with specific emphasis on professional and citizen acts of healing engagement, intervention, and service. 

In order to accomplish this, and to prepare for graduate school, I studied nuts and bolts components as well as the qualitative and theoretical pieces. I brought my professional experience to bear—as a professional musician, clinical soft tissue therapist, and work in rural community outreach at an academic. One unexpected outcome of this change was discovering a more confident, passionate, and articulate “scholar within” to accompany what I had always considered my casual thinking self. 

I experienced my studies as an opportunity to operate with deliberate intention regarding my experience, curiosity, expression, and risk taking.  In allowing myself to wander along the more tender edges of my personal sense of competency as a student, I discovered clarity regarding areas ripe for development and improvement, and a bevy of strengths and latent skills ready for implementation.

I can see clearly how the many kinds of work and study in which I’ve participated to date coalesce into a solid and substantial whole, and I am grateful, humbled, inspired, and excited to see what will come next."

(Alice is pursuing a Master's degree in social work and developing a multi-faceted, trans-disciplinary approach to psychotherapy and community engagement.)


Senior Study Title: Adventures in Homesteading

"Before I came to Health Arts I was shrouded and shy. Gradually I moved from being self-conscious and fiercely independent to making wonderful friends and recognizing how I am positively impacting others.

I feel incredibly prepared to have strong career paths doing meaningful work in a number of different areas. I am continuing to further my education in the fields of my interest: farming and healing modalities. I am very grateful for the many skills I have developed through the course of my BA studies with the Health Arts and Science Program at Goddard College."


Senior Study Title: In Search of Sensory Awareness: Rediscovering Self through the Way of the Horse

"It was with great joy and satisfaction that I completed my BA degree in Health, Arts and Sciences at Goddard College. My senior study explored avenues to reconnect, strengthen and support our sensory awareness which has taken a back seat to our more analytical, and rational thought processes.

In re-establishing a balance between the two, we are afforded opportunities to understand our deeper, unconscious needs, motivations and drives and the emotional blocks which prevent us from reaching our full potential.

My primary avenue for enhancing our sensory awareness focused on equine facilitated experiential learning based on the work of Linda Kohanov of Epona Equestrian Services. Horses have extremely well developed sensory awareness capabilities and their survival depends on it. They are astute to the language of our bodies which is home to our sensory awareness system. When we allow them to interact with us, unencumbered by our human agendas, horses can provide for us a form of nonjudgmental, nonverbal biofeedback directed toward an awareness of our inner state of being and our relationship with the world around us.

Through the support and guidance of the Health Arts and Sciences Program and its advisors, I was able to channel this somewhat unstructured, open-ended field into a fascinating study which culminated in my undergraduate degree."



Senior Study Title: Voices of Maya Midwives: Oral Histories of Practicing Midwives from the Mam Region of Guatemala

"After graduating from Goddard College, I continued my midwifery education at a birth center in El Paso, Texas. I am working on finding an appropriate publisher for my senior study project, a book called Voices of Maya Midwives: Oral Histories of Practicing Midwives from the Mam Region of Guatemala.

Two of the interviews I did with traditional midwives are being published in Midwifery Today, an international midwifery journal. The experience of successfully completing my project and my degree at Goddard has given me an enormous amount of confidence to take on some of the other dreams I have for my life."

(Sarah received a Fulbright Scholarship to continue her research in Guatemala.)

Siobhan D.

Senior Study Title: Auricular Acupuncture In Chemical Dependency Treatment: Essentials for Starting A Program

"Goddard College supported me getting my acupuncture clinic started. So much has happened since then. I went on to manage the stress management component, for which ear acupuncture is the primary modality, at the "World Trade Center Healing Services Program” created in response to 9/11, by St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Now there are many clinic sites and I know I have to keep "moving" with my own development in order to answer the call of what I'm doing.

My experience attending the Health Arts Program was exceptional. When I first heard about the school and read the faculty bios that were sent to me, I was amazed, and I knew that I found something very important."

(Siobhan returned to Goddard to complete a master’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences and she became a leader and consultant for auricular acupuncture education.)


Senior Study Title: Lymphedema: What You Should Know. The Breast Cancer Patient's Holistic Guide to Prevention and Management

"Goddard's unique environment provided me with the opportunity to get a BA degree relevant to my training, work, and experience. I hope my resulting book Lymphedema: What You Should Know, The Breast Cancer Patient's Holistic Guide to Prevention and Management will be published thereby offering information and assistance for women (and men) being treated for cancer.

Nancy D.

Senior Study Title: Headaches: A Critical Look at How Posture and Repetitive Holding Patterns Affect The Muscles of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders

"Earning a Bachelor of Arts from Goddard's Health, Arts, and Science Program has been a complement to my career as a massage therapist, teacher, and school owner.

Directed self-study, research, and concentrated writing challenged and stimulated my creative juices at Goddard. Since graduation, I have produced a DVD for the industry called A Gift of Touch and written the text Kinesiology for Manual Therapies.

My book is a culmination of my career, the seeds for which were first germinated while writing my senior project at Goddard. I would highly recommend a BA or MA in the Heath Arts and Sciences program without reservation for the experience, personal growth, supportive influences, and meaningful advanced practice degree. It is a win-win combination!"


Senior Study Title: From Powerlessness to Purpose: A Discussion of Victory

"My Bachelor of Arts study at Goddard College helped me refine and deepen and awaken to the learning I had prior to beginning the program; it gave me a hunger for more learning, and helped me expand upon my approach to healing.

I continued my work in the community by opening a Center for Community Wellness. My Goddard education helped me find my identity and step fully into it.

Recently a friend said an encouraging word in response to the challenges of opening this center: 'Your greatest challenge pales in comparison to the benefit of the work you will do for your community.’

I have Goddard to thank for setting me free and supporting me as a learner, for the extra power behind this vision. I am very excited about the possibilities!"

(Marcianna went on to get her MA and MFA at Goddard. She teaches in local colleges.)


Senior Study Title: Trust in the Physician Relationship: Changes in Belief Systems and the Future of Health Care

"I came to Goddard wanting to learn how to be a healer of our American culture in a holistic sense. My study gave me the chance to give voice to the women in my community and tell their side of the doctor-patient relationship story.

The process led me to a profound realization that objectivity and subjectivity are alternating manifestations of "truth" in the same way matter can manifest as both a particle and a wave. My study helped me grasp the importance of true diversity.

The Health Arts and Sciences program at Goddard helped me to see how giving voice -- and an ear -- to contrasting perspectives is one way to heal our fractured culture. I am building my life on that foundation.

Senior Study Focus: Research and Planning of a Holistic Learning Center in Urban Philadelphia

"The Health Arts and Sciences program at Goddard was such a rich, transforming experience. It brought together things the larger world tends to pull apart. The faculty is nurturing AND brilliant.

Left-brain AND right brain explorations are valued. Arts AND sciences, introspection AND expression, heart AND mind, and learning AND healing all find resonant place.

The student body, variegated like flowers from a better world, brilliant in their own right, defies description.

My own life dream, to open up a holistic learning center in Philadelphia, has gotten a lot closer to fulfillment because of my time at Goddard. The skill-set I’ve picked up here will save me a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

The friends I've made will last a lifetime. Martin Luther King used to talk about the ‘beloved community.’ I haven't found very many places in the real world that deserve that description. The Health Arts program is one for me and I feel richly blessed to have found this place and these people."