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Digital Storytelling Takes Off at Goddard

Karen Werner, PhD, MEd's picture
BA in Individualized Studies Blog
Digital Storytelling Takes Off at Goddard


At the Spring 2013 Port Townsend Undergraduate residency [photo above by David Conklin], and again at the Goddard Alternative Media Conference on May 18th, I led digital storytelling workshops.

As a sociologist, I am interested in personal narrative as a research methodology.  Plus, I am drawn to knowledge that is accessible to audiences inside and outside of traditional academic spaces. Digital storytelling is a perfect platform for self-created portraits about what really matters. 

Participants in my workshops created short image + text pieces and then posted them on the digital storytelling website, Cowbird. Check out these wonderful examples by Goddard students James DeWitt:












Lexi Heiser:

and Tiffany Glenn:

Participants at the Alternative Media Conference produced digital stories about independent media, DIY technologies, and media as storytelling. These pieces are compiled in The Goddard Media Digital Story Collection.

Finally, you can see and hear a digital story that I made this spring, inspired by Gary Snyder’s poem, “Things to do Around Seattle,” below:


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