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The "Why" of Tiny

Catherine Lowther, PhD, MA's picture
BA in Sustainability Blog
The "Why" of Tiny

Meet Mariah Coz (BAS ‘14), left. She lives in a renovated 1960s off-grid trailer she named "The COMET" (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer) while she pursues her studies in Tiny Houses in relation to the environment, the economy, and sustainable principles.

Mariah is also exploring the space outside of a tiny house - small, intensive, high-density food and energy production landscapes, and Tiny House community models.

She wants to understand the essence of the Tiny House movement, the “why” of tiny. For her studies, she will visit tiny house dwellers to gather stories about why they live in tiny houses and find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of a tiny life. Read stories and view more photos of her tiny house at her website.

Maria also blogs at

   Mariah's Tiny House, The Comet, outside view.














Inside view of Mariah's Tiny House.



Blueprint of Mariah's renovations to The Comet.




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