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Dr. Wendy Phillips Talks about Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture
MA Psychology-Counseling Blog
Dr. Wendy Phillips Talks about Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis

Artwork by Wendy Phillips.

Over the last five years at Goddard College, we have explored ways to integrate the arts into the Psychology and Counseling department. We have developed ways for students to include creative works as components of coursework, supported students as they incorporated art into their work with clients at internships and practica, and guided students as they produced creative theses and other culminating products.

We also created an important event that we celebrate each residency: The Psychology and Counseling Program Art Opening and Exhibition.  At the opening, students share what they have made and experienced during the previous semester. What has evolved over these five years is the beginning of our Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis. I discuss this emphasis in the video linked below.


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