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Fundraising Success in Fiscal Year 2014

Mon, 2014-08-11 14:26 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Office of the President
Fundraising Success in Fiscal Year 2014


 New students incoming to the Goddard Graduate Institute, fall 2014 residency, Plainfield, VT. Photo by David Hale, pictured at left.

We can't thank you enough! With the support of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, staff, foundations, and corporations, Goddard College raised a total of $573,049.63 in charitable gifts, grants, sponsorships and miscellaneous income for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2014.

We were also successful in:

Meeting a $20,000 Sustaining Donor Challenge gift made by an anonymous donor. We met our dollar goal and gained new sustaining donors!
Matching a $30,000 Grant from the Vermont Arts Council for significant renovations to the Haybarn Theatre.

The $573,049.63 in gifts was both restricted and unrestricted and broke down primarily among the following categories:

The Annual Fund: $165,112.91. This is unrestricted and critically important support for Goddard’s general operating budget and funds the salaries of faculty and staff, financial aid, building and grounds maintenance, Dining Hall operations, garden maintenance, and more.

The Corinne Mattuck and Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund: $3,106.68.

Foundation Support: $124,718.20 from foundations for WGDR Radio, The Haybarn Theatre, and more.

Fund for Experiments and New Initiatives: $25,000.

Scholarship Support: $50,455 for both current use and endowed scholarship funding.

Sponsorships: $8,927.33 for WGDR and the Goddard College Concert Series.

Restricted Gifts: $140,926.07 from individual donors to support Friends of the Library Fund, the Haybarn Theatre Renovation Fund, the Design Build Initiative, the MFAW Playwright Endowment Fund, the Sustainable Business Competition, The Graduate Institute, the BFA Literary Journal, and more.

WGDR Annual Fund: $ 54,803.44

In the year ahead we have even more ambitious goals for expanding Goddard’s philanthropic program.  Participation from alumni helps us leverage other giving, and philanthropy is critical to our budget.

Thank you to our loyal friends and supporters, and please be in touch with Dustin Byerly, Associate Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs, at or 802.322.1601 with any questions or comments.

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