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The Single Parent Program, 1986-1994

The Single Parent Program, 1986-1994

In 1986, Goddard pioneered the nation’s first college residential degree program for single parents, The Single Parent Program (SPP). Then Director of Development Doug North developed the program in response to what he saw as a pressing social concern.

Goddard received national attention for this radical program. Watch the NBC coverage:

A New York Times article on August 17, 1986, “Vermont School Offers a Welfare Exit,” reported:  “As part of the new Single Parents’ Program at Goddard, mother and son [sic] will live on campus while she pursues a college degree.  Money from the State Aid to Needy Families and Children program will pay for their tiny dorm ‘suite,’ and a combination of Federal and state grants will pay for tuition and fees. Food stamps will help out with meals, and the College will supply day care.”

In August of 1986, eleven single mothers and sixteen children moved onto the Greatwood Campus at Goddard. The SPP lasted eight years, from 1986-1994, and, though brief, had lasting impacts on many people’s lives.