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Progressive Education Institute

Slider: MA in Education and Licensure

Progressive Education Institute

The 9th Annual Progressive Education Institute is presented in partnership with EarthWalk Vermont.

Opening: 1:00 pm, Friday, July 19, 2013

Closing: 10:30 am, Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We invite you to join us for an exciting and engaging five-day retreat on the Goddard College campus, located on a 175-acre woodland setting in central Vermont.

Register by downloading this PDF.

Both current matriculated Goddard students and educators seeking professional development opportunities attend this Institute. The program is planned for teachers, administrators, counselors, community organizers and activists, as well as graduate and undergraduate students interested in education. 

The Progressive Education Institute brings progressive educators together for renewal and connection with like-minded educators. Our goal for the Institute is the renewal of our basic values, which include honoring the learner, trusting professional wisdom, engaging in meaningful inquiry and assuring safe, inclusive learning communities.

The Progressive Education Institute has two options (see below). In both options, participants will receive a Certificate indicating earned Professional Development Hours or you may elect to combine the Institute with a three-semester undergraduate or graduate independent study, which has an additional cost. (Refer to the registration form.)

Option 1. Strand A: Voice, Vision and Curriculum

On campus dialogue and collaborative inquiry with the focus on curriculum. Strand A will support participants as you explore your voice and vision as progressive educators utilizing a curricular lens. The program is highly individualized, yet will facilitate experiences that invite small group activities and collaborative projects. Participants will examine how the theory and practice of curriculum, instruction, and authentic assessment can be transformative for the classroom teacher, the students you serve, as well as the school site as a whole. Strand A participants will gain specific skills in the area of differentiated lesson planning and project-based learning; additionally, you will be invited to engage in a passionate and meaningful way around educational inquiry, action, and reflection. The group is limited in size to allow for individual voice and group collaboration.

Option 2. Strand B: EarthWalk Institute

Intergenerational nature mentoring experience in partnership with EarthWalk Vermont. EarthWalk, founded in 2005 and located on Goddard’s campus, is a non-profit community and nature-based education organization, with the mission to inspire and empower children, families and communities to reconnect with and care for one another and the Earth.

This will be the second year of the EarthWalk Institute; a camping residency in Hawthorn Meadow Commons, an approximate 5-10 minute walk into the woods from the Goddard Campus. Our ‘classroom’ will be the diverse local ecosystem which offer the learner opportunities for exploration and reflection in meadows, mixed forests and along the banks of the Winooski River. Wild-harvesting, camp crafts, communal cooking, and late-evening storytelling around the fire are integral experiences of the EarthWalk Institute. Although appropriate time will be allocated to individual reflection as well as group discussion, most of the EarthWalk Institute will be experiential; including some shared experiences with EarthWalk teen students and local elders. Participants who do not want credit and elect Strand B will enroll directly through EarthWalk (at and can receive a certificate of 40 professional development hours.

Register for the 2013 Progressive Education Institute by downloading this PDF.

Description of credit-bearing option: Participants who elect to register for Goddard College credit will work with the Institute faculty to complete an Individual Study Plan based on the question/problem of most interest to you. Included in the plan are the resources you will use (books, articles, journals, activities, etc.). Following the Institute, you will work independently to complete a culminating project, a reflective essay and a narrative evaluation, which are due on August 23, 2013. A faculty member will assess the culminating project and write a narrative evaluation of the study. The title of the participant's Culminating Project, the number of semester credits and the faculty’s narrative evaluation are included in the student’s official transcript and will be on record at Goddard College.

For general information about the Progressive Education Institute contact Goddard College faculty member Karla Haas Moskowiz at, or Program Director Susan Fleming at, or write to Goddard College, 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfield, VT 05667.

For more information about EarthWalk Vermont and the EarthWalk Institute, visit or contact Angella Gibbons, EarthWalk’s Executive Director, at