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Individual Focus in Education (MA)

Individual Focus in Education MA Degree Option

The MA in Education Program Individual Focus in Education (Non-Licensure) degree option is centered on the student’s personal goals.  When you choose to pursue an individual focus in education, you actively define and name your own individual area of inquiry. Students in the program draw on their own experience in education, whether it is from previous formal studies, work-related training, practice in the field, or personal research and study.

This degree is of special interest to educators, parents, or community/cultural workers who seek knowledge in the field of educational pedagogy. Within an individualized education focus, work may include studies in antiracist education, alternative schooling, integrative arts, mediation, bilingual education, spirituality, and environmental sustainability, to name a few. This program is for the education student who desires to put the ideals of democracy, human development, peace, and global responsibility into practice. Past students have studied democratic education, school reform, educational leadership, alternative schooling models, curriculum for kindergarten students, place-based education, and environmental education. The Individual Focus in Education degree option allows you to match your passion in education with your degree in education.

Students graduating with an MA in Education will have successfully accomplished the following:

  • Articulated a powerful autobiographical understanding of their relationship to society, culture, and education.
  • Understood and actualized the essential concepts of progressive education, namely inquiry-based learning, reflection and critical thinking, and a student-focused curriculum.
  • Prepared themselves to work toward the creation of a more just, humane, democratic, and sustainable world.
  • Acquired the professional knowledge base to perform a leadership role in the field of education.
  • Developed the capacities to critically analyze, interpret, organize, communicate, and apply knowledge relevant to education.
  • Developed a clear sense of the relationship between theory and practice, and learned to apply progressive education principles and practices to real world issues.
  • Produced a masters’ thesis that includes: the formulation of significant questions, application of methods of inquiry, identification and utilization of learning resources, analysis, critical thinking, and the integration and application of theory into practice.

Students wishing to pursue the MA in Education Program's Individual Focus in Education degree option can do so at either Goddard's Plainfield, VT main campus or the College's Seattle, WA site.