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Consciousness Studies Concentration

Slider: BA in Individualized Studies

Degree Criteria

The concentration in consciousness studies is designed for students interested in developing an integrated understanding of the origin, evolution, and expansion of human consciousness. As an exciting and emerging area of study, students bring their evolving knowledge of consciousness to the development of their practices and to their engagement with community, focusing on the study of transformative experiences, practices, and beliefs that are evident in many cultures, religions, and spiritual and psychotherapeutic traditions.


The aim of the consciousness studies concentration is to encourage students to integrate their learning, experiences, beliefs, and practices with the accumulating knowledge and insights from a variety of disciplines, drawing upon four main areas: neurosciences and philosophy of mind, social sciences, transpersonal studies, and the arts and humanities. At the core of the concentration’s philosophy are the principles that individual consciousness is central to human existence; that we all are participants in a greater, shared human consciousness; that human consciousness is an integral part of nature, to which it is related and upon which it depends; and an acknowledgement of the spiritual dimensions of consciousness as being of vital importance for the individual, society, and the planet.


Students completing the consciousness studies concentration will have fulfilled the degree requirements of the MA in Individualized Studies Program and successfully accomplished the following:

  • Demonstrated an understanding of the wide range of concerns, issues, and questions central to consciousness studies and their relevance to the student’s individual program of study;

  • Demonstrated an ability to articulate and have discourse with positions that challenge the student’s own perspectives and practice;

  • Demonstrated mastery that represents a unique intersection of the more defined focus of study that the student has identified, and can situate that focus in the context of consciousness studies as a whole;

  • Has an engaged practice and has reflected upon its relevance to self, to community, and to the student’s individual areas of study;

  • Completed an identity statement articulating the student’s relationship to “consciousness”;

  • Completed an integrated final product that exemplifies the fulfillment of the degree criteria.

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