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Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis

Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis

The use of creative expressions to explore and share human experience is a hallmark of our existence as a species and as individuals in community.  The MA in Psychology Program at Goddard embracees the arts, not only for their own sake, but also as therapeutic tools. 

You may prepare for post-graduate certification in Expressive Arts Therapy through Goddard's supported collaboration with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

Here at Goddard, you will be supported through specific education in expressive arts therapy practices and through incorporation of your own arts practices into your academic activities. Your preparation for post-graduate certification, or Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis, is tailored to your individual practices, and your personal and professional goals.

You can attend monthly seminars at Expressive Arts Institutes to achieve your post-grad certification, all while completing your studies at Goddard. Once enrolled in a program of the Expressive Arts Institutes, we will help you design coursework in support of the mutual goals of certification and licensure.

Goddard faculty, alumni guests, and students offer seminars on expressive arts at the residencies (as part of Goddard's low-residency model, students in the MA in Psychology & Counseling program attend 8-day residencies at our Plainfield, Vermont campus each semester). 

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Faculty member Dr. Deborah Hickey describes her work with Expressive Arts in the MA in Psychology & Counseling programs.