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All students complete an internship. The program’s Internship Coordinator will assist you in locating an internship in your home area with an appropriate supervisor. Required hours of internship vary based on your licensure plans and individual state regulations.       

Mental health internships can occur in a wide variety of settings, including, but not limited to:

  • community mental health centers
  • public or private schools
  • inpatient or outpatient psychiatric facilities
  • inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol agencies
  • crisis services
  • hospice
  • home health agencies
  • battered women's shelters or service agencies
  • foster care or geriatric care services
  • prisons, half-way houses, and group homes.

You may also create your own internship or complete internships at more than one site.

In a typical internship, you perform all the duties of a mental health counselor including intake and assessment, individual and group counseling, participating in individual and group supervision, record-keeping, attending case conferences, in-service trainings and staff meetings. Internships may also include case management, play therapy, home visiting, yoga therapy, milieu counseling, and other activities, depending on the setting and the needs of the clients.