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Quotes from Goddard Alumni

I went to Goddard for more than just resuscitating my writing career, I went there to kick-start my life. I accomplished my main goal in attending Goddard which was to complete a second novel.
Chris Millis, MFA in Creative Writing
I can support student work in linguistic and non-linguistic media...
Ellie Epp, faculty, Individualized Master of Arts
Professionally speaking, Goddard prepared me very well to step into the field.
Hillary Webb, Individualized Master of Arts
My broad professional and personal goal is to work with people to create vibrant, exciting, livable, sustainable, socially justice communities...
Sarah Bobrow-Williams, Individualized Master of Arts
I produced comic books, board games, and newspapers, always with an intention to entertain all ages.
Ben Matchstick, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
As an older student I was hesitant to return to school but my experience at Goddard was a gift where I felt both understood and nurtured in the process.
Richard Brunner, BA in Health Arts and Sciences
At Goddard I was given the freedom to explore my creativity, discover more about myself, and learn to lighten up, just a little.
Max Highstein,
My experience at Goddard gave me confidence and a powerful feeling that I am capable of being the change I want to see in the world.
Diane Nichols, MA in Education
I am interested in education as an empowerment process for adult learners...
David Frisby, Bachelor of Arts in Education
My work as an advisor is to support learners in calling forth their own wisdom...
Lori Wynters, Individualized Master of Arts
I’ve received tremendous individualized support from my advisors...There are no one-size-fits-all curricula at Goddard; every student comes away from individual advising sessions with something unique.
James Gapinski, MFA in Creative Writing
I want to help students court the unusual, the unexpected, and I look for ways to push and pull students through to some new adventure in their work.
Nicola Morris, MFA in Creative Writing
I'm a scientist trying to measure and record what's seen.
Mark Doty, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard is the right place for me to be to grow as a writer, a scholar and a citizen.
Cassie Dandridge Selleck, BFA in Creative Writing
Goddard is where I found a real sense of community. It is where I nurtured my still evolving social and political perspectives. It is where I discovered how to learn from life experiences...
Fred Wilber, Bachelor of Arts
The areas of spirituality, meditation, gender and racial concerns, and nutrition have become central to my personal and professional life.
Kristal, BA/MA Fast Track in Psychology and Counseling
As a result of my Goddard studies, I am a stronger woman.
Lynn Larned, Individualized Master of Arts
I spent my time at Goddard learning not just photography, but how to see and think about things.
Peg Tassey,
Goddard allows you to take the talents you have, and come out with something you really love.
Mary Ellen Dale, MA in Psychology and Counseling
...the activity of writing seeks discovery.
Walter Butts, BFA in Creative Writing
Goddard allowed me to follow my interests, with the added benefit of wonderful guidance from my advisors. I feel much more confident as an artist, and clearer about my direction.
Mollie Burke, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
The Goddard experience was truly life-changing for me. Goddard gave me space to explore and a professor who took an interest in me as a person and gave me the tools I needed to learn, excel and succeed.
Don Mayer, Students & Alumni
I graduated from Harvard College, but I learned more at Goddard than I ever did there. It’s an amazing model of education and it works.
Lawrence Goodman, MFA in Creative Writing
I entered Goddard saying, 'Why am I here? I’m not a writer.' I left saying, 'I am a writer, and I do belong.'
Wallace Wilhoit, MFA in Creative Writing
Writing is serious business that also requires serious play. Experimentation with subjects, forms and voices are essential practices.
Sara Michas-Martin, Bachelor of Fine Arts
My book, Makara, could never have happened without my experiences at Goddard College...I deeply send my thanks out to every student and faculty member I grew to know and love.
Kristen Ringman, MFA in Creative Writing
Teaching and writing for me are two activities that bless each other and dare each other.
Michael Klein, MFA in Creative Writing
One of the most innovative and nurturing MFA programs you'll ever find. Meeting students where they're at while pushing them to discover and expand the greater potential of their practice.
Michael Sakamoto, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
My job is a part of your conversation about how your writing connects with the bigger world around you.
Jocelyn Cullity, BFA in Creative Writing
My primary focus is to facilitate an experience that inspires a dancer to become a “whole bodies” listener.
Sabela Grimes, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
At Goddard, there are no boundaries for your thinking.
Jamie Simmons, Students & Alumni
The MA in Individualized Studies program taught me not to be ashamed of my scars. That by articulating these scars, I’m bringing silenced narratives into discourse, which can be very empowering to others.
Mike Alvarez, Students & Alumni
In all of my work, I am concerned about social justice implications.
Harris Friedman, MA in Psychology and Counseling
In all my teaching, I try to make a loving place for people to gather, find courage, and trek into the wilds of their lives.
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Individualized Master of Arts
My stay at Goddard was a transformative experience. It changed my entire life. It opened up a world for me.
Archie Shepp, Students & Alumni
I have been encouraged to pursue my areas of interest in ways that make sense to me, and am constantly motivated by peers and faculty...
David White, Individualized Master of Arts
A friend showed the work I did at Goddard to a 60-year-old woman with MS. She said my thesis gave her courage every day of her life.
Rhonda Patzia, Individualized Master of Arts
As a teacher, my initial focus is to help each student strip away analysis (and self consciousness) and find the unique urgency and heart in her or his work...
Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard's program was the only one I found where you could start by doing a whole semester of research, come up with a curriculum, and then put that into action.
Sara Barber-Just, MA in Education
I believe the student voice is the one thing that helps keep our community together.
Jennifer Sparkman, MFA in Creative Writing
It has been a wonderful journey and I have become a joyful learner.
Alex Bautista, Bachelor of Arts in Education
At Goddard, I mainly worked one-on-one with my advisor, and I benefited from the intensity and continuity of that communication throughout a semester.
Kiara Brinkman, MFA in Creative Writing
I encourage writers to take risks—to be bold—for it is only through risk that we can experience growth.
Laurie Foos, BFA in Creative Writing
I like to use minor historical events to write about major historical shifts.
Rogelio Martinez, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard is really on the vanguard of creativity; it's different from anywhere else I have ever been.
Siobhan Dolan, BA in Health Arts and Sciences
One of the most enlightening, transformative experiences of my life; I have now completed my PhD—something I never would have dreamed of pursuing were it not for Goddard.
Tammy Hanks, MA in Psychology and Counseling
My time at Goddard was an unforgettable educational odyssey. I was able to bring all of my previous academic and life experience together, and develop my understanding of the impact of racism on all aspects of the human experience.
Dr. Tommie Smith,
As a teacher of writing, I have tried to develop spaces in which writing – its extensions and evolutions – feel completely possible.
Bhanu Kapil, faculty, MFA in Creative Writing
...I yearned for personal intimacy, intellectual freedom, and the opportunity to make a creative contribution...
Mary Johnson, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard College gives writers a kind of freedom they can't get in any other program in the country, and the kind of close reading and objective inquiry you can't get doing it alone.
Cara Hoffman, MFA in Creative Writing
The program here gave me hands-on experience. I interned at a family clinic where I was able to put into practice all I had learned.
Mary Ellen Dale, MA in Psychology and Counseling
My goal is to work collaboratively with students to identify specific areas of learning within the larger context of professional objectives.
Jessica Morris, BA/MA Fast Track in Psychology and Counseling
Goddard gave to us. That's why we give to Goddard.
Ansleys, Giving
My work has been, at heart, an interdisciplinary course of study in how we might name ourselves, dance, sing, sculpt, recreate ourselves, into a just world.
Gale Jackson quote, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
My creative and intellectual interests hover around hybrid texts—works that blur boundaries between fiction, poetry, the essay, visual poetry, and image...
jill Magi, Students & Alumni
I believe that there are no limits to what you can do on the stage, screen or page.
Deborah Brevoort, MFA in Creative Writing
Teaching writing at the MFA level for me is an empathic act that amounts to entering my students’ imaginations as companion and mentor on their writing journey.
victoria nelson, MFA in Creative Writing
My experience at Goddard changed the way I see and know the world.
Jacqueline Elmo, Individualized Master of Arts
[My] hope is to help children develop strong critical thinking skills so that they can be part of the solution for the poverty and drug violence that grips their beautiful country.
Eve Horowitz, Students & Alumni
The academic protocols were foreign and the schedule was intense, but I persisted and earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing.
Carla Norton, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard built me a community to learn in. Looking back, I think that was the college's greatest contribution to my life.
Cara Powers, Individualized Master of Arts
Not only did I become a better writer with Goddard’s help, I became a better person, and one clear about her role in the vast universe.
Elizabeth Rollins, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard’s emphasis on diversity and individuality really appealed to me.
Matthew Quick, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard has been the foundation for everything I have been fortunate enough to achieve.
Reuben Jackson, Students & Alumni
I am passionate about creating a sustainable, cooperative culture.
Karen Stupski,
I think Goddard was one of the few places that took seriously the idea that adult college students could make their own minds up about what they wanted to do.
Evalyn Bates (GJC '37, BA RUP '43), People
Goddard changed my life, filling me with a life-long sense of curiosity that's led to 3 Oscar nominations and two Emmys!
Vincent DiPersio , Students & Alumni
A poem is a discovery of the truth.
Michael Vizsoly, BFA in Creative Writing
I believe that my responsibility as a teacher facilitate and encourage the fruitful exchanges of ideas and the production of work so that I and the students with whom I work can grow more fully into ourselves.
Shaka McGlotten, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
At Goddard...I learned more about teaching and learning than I had in my previous 25 years of academia.
Richard Schramm, People
Though the residency only lasts a week each semester, the heart of the program leaves with you...As much as you become a part of the program at Goddard, the program becomes part of you.
Sarah Cedeño, MFA in Creative Writing
I interpret my role in Goddard’s student-centered approach to learning as both guide and fellow traveler...
Katt Lissard, Individualized Master of Arts
My Graduate work was such a life fulfilling experience, and Goddard was a key element in that being so. If you are thinking about going back to school, you should look into Goddard’s low residency programs - they really fit real life.
Kelly Johnson, Individualized Master of Arts
My performances challenge conventional beliefs about race, sexual orientation, and gender in contemporary culture.
Danielle Abrams, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
I emerged from Goddard with a creative thesis that became my first published book...
Shawn Kerrivan, MFA in Creative Writing
My Goddard experience has given me the confidence to know that I can always find the answers I seek.
Sebastian Marino, Individualized Master of Arts
Goddard is truly a place to create your education as you experience it.
Rose Friedman Quote, MA in Education
What I hope to bring to Goddard begins with my being receptive to what begins to grow out of the heads and hearts of students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.
Deborah Armstrong Hickey, BA/MA Fast Track in Psychology and Counseling
My teacher Rebecca Brown...never lost faith in my vision and never failed to make me feel special as I shared the pages with her.
Maria Chaudhuri, MFA in Creative Writing
I believe community, connection, and developing a spiritual understanding are important to the process of growth and that both student and teacher can be changed in the process of education.
Jim Sparrell, faculty, Master of Arts
Wendy’s research interests include the metaphysical beliefs and traditional healing practices of women of African and North American indigenous descent.
Wendy Phillips, MA in Psychology and Counseling
For the first time in my life I felt unburdened by expectation and given the support and freedom to seamlessly experience life and education at the same time.
Brian Boyes, alumnus, MA in Education
I take photographs because I want to explore ideas. I'm trying to understand myself and my relationship to everything...
Casey Orr,
Goddard was a fantastic experience and very liberating for me. It is an environment where I could take risks in ways I had not found possible elsewhere.
Louise Halsey, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
I hope to engage students in a dialogue where I can point them toward ideas that are unfamiliar to them.
Otto Muller,
I can't imagine where I would be today if it weren't for the transformation I experienced at Goddard.
Gabe Halberg quote, Students & Alumni
At Goddard, every graduate's work is respected.
Jesse Sage, Students & Alumni
Goddard introduced me to people who were serious about their writing, and helped me to find the critical skills I needed to continue to grow.
Lowell Williams, MFA in Creative Writing
Come to Goddard the way you are, the college told me. Leave the way you want to be.
Virginia Ramus, MFA in Creative Writing
As a Goddard student during the late 1960s, I found the educational atmosphere liberating, flexible and challenging.
Donald Willcox, Students & Alumni
Being able to work toward a master's degree without having to uproot myself was such a blessing.
Anna Hawkins, Individualized Master of Arts
I support Goddard College's Annual Fund because I believe in Goddard.
Chris Pratt, Board of Trustees
My overall experience at Goddard was unlike any other institution of higher learning. For the first time in my life, I was in control of my education.
Roxxane Joseph, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
It was only while on faculty at Goddard that I undid my head and connected to my whole being, since that is what our pedagogy is about.
Karen Werner, faculty, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
Goddard College was the perfect fit for me, a woman in her mid-fifties, who was told 10 years prior by a neurologist regarding injuries sustained in a car accident, that I would never finish my college studies.
Desiree, Individualized Master of Arts
My Goddard education was a wonderful, formative experience for me. The learning community challenged me to think in new ways.
Josiah Litant, MA in Education
Goddard asks more of you than other schools—you are required to really engage with your learning.
Leah Bry, Students & Alumni
Goddard taught me to how to engage with the beautiful and limitless possibilities that result from rigorous, critical engagement and experimentation.
Christine Goldbeck, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
I found my time at Goddard to be extremely rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. The residencies are the highlight of the program. Within one week you grow as an individual.
Jill Langford, MA in Education
This is the way the college is: they are opening their hearts, they are living for today, for tomorrow is another day.
Stephan Ross, Students & Alumni
I came to Goddard as a writer; I leave as an artist.
Porschia, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
Dear Nation, / What is claim, what is anchor? / What myth stitches / history to place?
Monica Gomery, BFA in Creative Writing
Goddard is an amazing place that challenges you to dream and do. It absolutely changes your life. You leave as the person you were always meant to be.
Anne Rutherford, BA in Health Arts and Sciences
I assist learners as they expand the contours of their research and practice.
Danielle Abrams, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
At Goddard I learned to believe in the validity of my voice and trust my instincts as a writer.
Seema Reza (BFAW '12), BFA in Creative Writing
Goddard College and my Goddard family have a special place in my heart.
Teresa Mei Chuc, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard is one of those rare places that makes it easy for you to be the best version of yourself.
John Christian Sevcik, MFA in Creative Writing
I encourage students to pay attention to analogous discoveries they make in their own life processes. My basic belief is that any discovery actually reveals the identity of self. Connecting with that power is, for me, the promise of soul.
Beth Hagens, faculty, Undergraduate Studies
I am deeply interested in the experience of cultivating a conversation between the seen and the unseen...
Annie Abdalla, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
I've been blessed to have the greatest peers in the history of Goddard...I have learned so much from them, and so many others who have given of their expertise so generously.
Charlene Smith, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Goddard. I’m so grateful I found it. It was just the perfect support system to help me pursue my passions.
Neely Cohen, BA in Health Arts and Sciences
At Goddard you design a study plan each semester, keeping in mind what your life is like. I do a little bit of schoolwork every day. The flexibility is there.
Reggie Harris, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
If you want to be intellectually, personally and spiritually challenged, go to Goddard. If you want an easy degree, go somewhere else.
Gerald Dryer, Bachelor of Arts in Education
Goddard allows me to address the looming issues we face in the world today with knowledge, an open heart, and a grounded sense of being.
Lexi Heiser, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
I doubt that I would have gone to college if Goddard did not exist, and therefore I am continuously grateful.
Lauren Russell, Individualized Bachelor of Arts
The Goddard model is about human development and human potential, about creating learning experiences that cannot be measured by standardized testing, performance, grade point average, or the prestige of position.
Dr. Barbara Vacarr, President's Office
I often encourage students to experiment...
Juliana Spahr, MFA in Creative Writing
Goddard showed me how possible and how powerful self-directed learning can be.
Darcy Bedortha, MA in Education
My time as a Goddard student has helped me find the courage, clarity, and integrity to use my words to honor my self, my experience, and my message.
Karla Haas Moskowitz, MFA in Creative Writing
My educational and professional paths have been entwined with Goddard and with Community Education.
Jackie Fischer, Bachelor of Arts in Education
In my first semester I quickly found that the faculty resources, particularly in regard to recommended reading, spoke precisely to what enriches my thoughts.
Claudia Turnbull, Individualized Master of Arts
I aim to help each student find and develop the voice that lifts the work off the page.
Kenny Fries, MFA in Creative Writing