General Contact Info

Toll Free: 800.906.8312
Fax: 802.454.1029
[email protected]

Lucinda Garthwaite

Interim Director of Admissions
Direct: 802.322.1724
Toll Free: 800.906.8312 ext. 266
[email protected]

Daphne Kinney-Landis

Graduate Admissions Counselor for Goddard Graduate Institute and MFA Interdisciplinary Arts, MFA-Creative Writing
Direct: 802.322.1646
Toll Free: 800.906.8312 ext. 301
[email protected]

Sharon Trautwein

Undergraduate Program Admissions Counselor, Education Programs
Direct: 802.322.1614
Toll Free: 800.906.8312 ext. 311
[email protected]